How to Become a Certified Tarot Card Reader

Pursuing a career or certification in tarot card reading can be driven by several considerations. People who are serious about tarot cards can practice by themselves but developing more skills of interpretation requires a closer study of the art.

What Does a Tarot Certification Entail?

Typically, a course in tarot card reading will involve numerous explanations on basic card symbolism, memorization exercises, and overviews of tarot terminology. Most tarot courses encourage students to evaluate their studies by observing their own personal experiences with the cards.

A tarot certification will allow students to practice, study, and demonstrate proficiency with tarot card reading. Most programs will focus on the organization of a tarot deck and basic card definitions.

Students can look at the accuracy of the tarot cards against the events in their own life. Courses will encourage students to practice daily while making notes.

What is a Certified Tarot Reader?

This basically means that someone with interest in astrology and tarot cards formally studied tarot cards and that the work has been evaluated by a tarot professional working in the industry.

Some enthusiasts go beyond reading the book prescribed for the certification and investigate through self-study, where reading general tarot books and participating in tarot groups or group studies helps to advance their study of the subject.

Why Tarot Certification Matters?

Many enthusiasts pursue tarot certification or find it unnecessary. Most people looking to book a professional tarot experience will see a tarot certification, and be a little bit rest assured that they will get value for their money.

Tarot certification can tell a client about the commitment a tarot reader made towards learning more about their craft. There is a value when time and money are invested in the development of a skill.

However, anyone with knowledge of astrology can create a tarot certification course, but it doesn’t guarantee a tarot reader is talented in the art of divination. It only means they learned tarot card interpretations and meanings from a teacher. Experience plays a big role in becoming a proficient and certified tarot card reader.